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There is a unique feeling in life, when you encounter what you were looking for… It drives you to do things you never believed you could accomplish.

It changes everything… turns things upside down, driving you to follow the route that your

dreams take you…

When I discovered the Hellenic Vintage collection something triggered me. It was as if I had found a collection I would have designed myself.

Like a vision of mine that had come to life. It’s like the connection you feel the moment you find your wedding dress.

The Zolotas collection is a meeting of Hellenic culture and traditions, with contemporary haute couture design... It has bohemian vibes and vintage flair.

It is daring and bold.
A true masterpiece of heritage.

Having been raised in my mother’s bridal store, I had brides around me all my life. I had always been looking for something extraordinary and distinctive.

That was exactly my feeling when I saw the collection in the stand of Atelier Zolotas, during the Barcelona Bridal Week. A connection to something deeper and important.

Straight away, I realized that I had to bring it with me, in Lithuania. It was exactly what I did.

Let me welcome you to the world of Zolotas Baltic!

Let’s make your dream come true.

Roberta Bulotaitė


Channel the spirit of a wedding on the islands of Greece
in seamless silhouettes and subtle bohemian accents.

All dresses are handmade with impeccable craftsmanship
in the land of Bohemian summer Greece.

plekto nufiko
plekto nufiko
plekto nufiko
plekto nufiko

Concepts & Inspiration

our vision in motion


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